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By filling in this form you agree with our conditions and you give Student Rooms Utrecht the order to start looking for a nice room for you. When we find this room you will pay the regular fee of € 450. If we don't find anything you like, you don't have to pay anything.

So no cure no pay.

Student Rooms Utrecht

Simon de Vliegerhage 107

3437 KV Nieuwegein



Chamber of commerce number:

Utrecht 60662956


Bank account number:

ABN AMRO: NL04ABNA0411391941



mon - friday 09.00 - 17.00

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Our clients about us 


Tanja from Croatia:


After weeks of unsuccessful search for accommodation in Utrecht, which proved almost impossible to do online - a large problem, especially for international students who are not living in the Netherlands yet -  I found Belinda's website among housing search solutions offered in Utrecht University’s website.  My son was just finishing high school, and being completely overwhelmed by final exams, so I took over the search for accommodation. The real estate market in Utrecht is really crazy and we had already considered the option, that my son will have to postpone his enrollment in Bachelor's studies for a year. Belinda did the impossible, she found him a room at the last moment, made all the necessary arrangements, and made sure that the house was cleaned and the room was properly equipped. She also made sure we arrived safely in Utrecht and greeted us as if we were old friends. She is an extremely professional, kind, heartwarming person and I feel completely safe leaving my 18-year-old son in Utrecht because I am sure she will be there for him if needed.

I cannot recommend her enough, for us, she is a lifesaver!! Thank you again for helping us start a new chapter in my son’s life, assured that his accommodation will be taken care of.



Cristóbal Limón Pérez from Spain:

I think this is the best option to find a room if you are going to study in Utrecht for a short term. Belinda is amazing, she is always taking care of everything and helping you if you need it. It was really nice staying there and getting to know all my housemates!

Jiotis Tsiftsis from Greece:


I really liked the way Mrs. Belinda helps students. I realized how difficult it was to find housing. Relying on her is guarante. The room I had was probably one of the best options I could ever have.Next to her profession she is very friendly and consequent if someone needs something.I highly recommend her and wish all the best.

Claudio Zandonella Callegher from Italy:

Highly recommended! For me, It was the best way to be sure to find an apartment before moving to Utrecht. Belinda is extremely kind, professional, and offers a great service. She helped me to find an optimal solution in a difficult situation as the COVID-19 lockdown.

Shanon Pottinger from the UK:


I was struggling to find accommodation in Utrecht as an exchange student planning to study at Tio University and Belinda was my hero. She managed to find something immediately for me, as well as accommodating my friend who was studying at Tio, into my house a semester after I moved in. She is very professional, trustworthy and efficient and the agency fees are worth every penny. The whole service is very complete. Thank you B

Tanya Kekic from the UK:


If you are struggling to find accommodation in Utrecht, you have come to the right place. Belinda helped me find two great rooms in Utrecht. She is very professional, trustworthy and efficient.

Joanne Currie from Canada: 


“Belinda is a savior for any parent who is trying to find their student safe and quality accommodations in Utrecht.  Her network of landlords seems extensive, so if there is a room to be found, she will find it!  But she really means it when she says that she thinks of her own children when she is searching for the right room for you.  “If I wouldn’t want it for my child, I don’t want it for yours.”  As soon as I found Belinda, the stress of finding a room for my son was completely gone.  I knew we were in good hands. Belinda seems to have very good working relationships with her landlords, so that issues get resolved quickly, and this may also be because she only works with landlords whose standards are as high as her own.  Her commitment doesn’t end when the lease is signed, either. When the students need help to handle issues in the house they can’t resolve on their own, she is responsive and effective.  She facilitates communications with the landlord, helps negotiate unexpected issues and is incredibly responsive any time anything comes up in the house.  She never took more than a few hours to respond to an email. She takes a personal interest in the wellbeing of her students.  In short, we couldn’t have chosen anyone better to help us find our son an apartment, and recommend her most highly to anyone trying to find accommodations in Utrecht.  She is worth every penny of her fee, and the peace of mind she gave us was priceless.”


Kind regards and have a great summer!







Roxanne Helme from Canada:


"When my 22 year old daughter decided to move from Canada to Utrecht to continue her studies it soon became obvious to us that finding suitable housing was going to be a daunting task.  Then my family was lucky enough to find Belinda!  Once we made contact with Belinda, even over the internet, both my daughter and I were confident that we were in good, safe, reliable hands and when we met her in person we had our every expectation confirmed.  Belinda made my daughter's relocation to Utrecht an absolutely pleasurable, seemless experience. After I got my daughter moved into her housing and set up, I knew that Belinda would take things from there and I was leaving my child in a very good situation.  Belinda made it clear that she was available to her tenants, round the clock and not just for things to do with the house itself.  She has been known to drive students to the hospital and to help them with other issues associated with their being in a foreign country that in my experience almost no other person in the position of a landlord would ever dream of assisting with.  Even after my daughter moved out of the house Belinda was managing and in witn a friend, Belinda kept in touch to ensure that things were going fine for my daughter.  I now consider Belinda my friend in Utrecht.  I just cannot recommend her highly enough!"





Viktoria Atanasova from Bulgaria:


"Belinda is an excellent professional in the field of real estate, but also she is a people's person. She does not only provides amazing accommodations but she creates a really nice atmosphere. For a foreign student it is really important to know that he/she can go back to a house with nice mates in calm, safe environment. I highly recommend her, and the services she provides" 






Jessica Castelari from Brazil:


"Foreigner student moving to Utrecht, 3 days to go to the city hall and have a register with a valid seems crazy and nearly impossible to be done in time, specially when you live across the ocean and don't want to book anything before visiting first, you know, scams are everywhere. 

I found Belinda after searching on line for several weeks and even though I booked it before seeing it, there was something different in the air. I felt something very positive and took the risk. She was quick and reliable with the communication beforehand and made me feel very secure about my decision. I trusted her about anything regarding the flat and during the time I have lived there (13 months) she was always present and open to any doubts, willing to help anytime and not only that, even when I left the place, I needed some help with the papers and Belinda gave me a hand. I can recommend her very highly." 

Summer 12016



Moira Tyers from Australia:


"Belinda from Student Rooms Utrecht has been a wonderful contact to make whilst searching for student accommodation for our 22yr old daughter. She is studying at Utrecht University in 2015.  

We are from Australia and negotiating suitable, safe, conveniently located and reasonably priced accommodation was proving an international nightmare but when we discovered Student Rooms Utrecht I felt very reassured that we had found the right people and share house accommodation. 


Belinda has been wonderful with regular email updates, information and been more than helpful in settling our daughter into NL life. She even met her on arrival to settle her into the house and is available as an ongoing contact for any concerns she may have. We are very grateful for her professional, prompt and most efficient attention.


Many, many thanks once again.






Aviva Stein from America:


" In moving to begin my studies at Utrecht University, I found the housing market incredibly difficult to navigate as an international student with little time to find a suitable home.  With the help of Belinda Rompelberg, I was able to find a lovely room quickly and easily!  Belinda was incredibly helpful in understanding my needs, and she does everything in her power to make sure her clients are happy from the beginning.  She also continues to help once you have found a place, in the case that you need help arranging a temporary stay, moving, or something else.  She is competent, friendly, and knowledgable, and I would highly recommend her!"


Kind Regards,







Landlady Helen :


" When I called Student Rooms Utrecht we had a really nice talk on the phone. Belinda knew right away what I wanted  and what kind of student I was looking for. We made an appointment for the very next day and Belinda made sure I felt right at ease. She looked at the rooms and the house and calculated the right price for me and made a list of  whishes I wanted but also with what I didn't want.


Within no time she found the right tenants for me, made up the contract and included my own needs in it and within a month she rented out the rooms to two lovely students.


Belinda is always available, even in the evening and weekend. She takes good care of her tenants but also of her landlords.

She is really the kind of lady you can rely on for 200% and is even as trustworthy. Because her big network she even provided me with the right company to do some intern changes of the house. She is really a lady where the sentence:

" What you see is what you get"  comes down to.


In one phonecal Student Rooms Utrecht applies the assistance I need. Eventhough if it's something hasn't got anything to do with renting out rooms, they are there! Really SERVICE in capitals as they always say themselves.


I would highly recommend Student Rooms Utrecht to anyone and I hope to work together with them for a long time."


Kind Regards,





David from Spain :


" In the many houses, flats and rooms I've lived in as a student/young professional, I've never had such a fantastic house manager. Belinda was always reachable when me or my housemates needed her. It is indeed quite helpful to have someone that can give you a hand, specially in the first few weeks of your stay in a country where you maybe don't speak the local language or simply don't know too much about.

My stay in Utrecht was definitely made easier thanks to Belinda who always took care that everything ran smoothly. If it depends on her, she's always quick and effective.


Thank you very much Belinda for helping me before, during and after my stay in Utrecht! I recommend everyone to contact her when in need of accommodation.."



Sjon uit Nederland


Belinda regelt de verhuur van mijn 9 studentenkamers in Utrecht. Ik heb de bezichtigingen en het in- en uitchecken van de huurders volledig aan haar uitbesteed. Zij is het aanspreekpunt voor de huurders en schakelt met mij wanneer het nodig is. Ook de contacten voor reparaties, loodgieter, aannemer etc lopen via haar. Tot slot houdt ze alles goed in gaten wanneer iets vervangen moet worden en schaft dit zelf aan bij de Ikea oid. Ik heb er zelf praktisch geen omkijken naar en dat is erg fijn.





Huisbaas Rob:


Sinds 5 jaar verhuur ik een huis met 4 kamers in Utrecht aan uitsluitend buitenlandse studenten. Zelf heb ik een drukke baan en kwam er al snel achter dat de rompslomp van een huis wat vehuurt wordt moeilijk te combineren was met mijn werk. Via iemand anders ben ik destijds met Belinda in contact gekomen en zijn wij een samenwerkingsverband aangegaan. Dit gaf meteen rust, Belinda neemt mij nagenoeg alles uit handen. Na een periode van twee jaar heb ik er nog een huis bijgekocht met 4 kamers, dit had ik nooit gedaan als de samenwerking met Belinda niet zo prettig was verlopen. 





Rina from France:


”Belinda's new company slogan ("Where you'll feel right at home") suits her work really well. 
She was taking care of a little room I rented two years ago (for four months) and her services were excellent! Belinda is reliable, strongly organized and has always a smile on her face. It is important and reassuring to meet someone like that when you arrive in a foreing place. I do not doubt her management and I am sure the company will do well. 

You will feel safe and comfortable with Belinda as a house manager.”





Imogen from Australia:


I was very happy to get in contact with Student Rooms Utrecht a few months before I left for my international exchange. I had no idea where to begin searching for my accommodation and was almost scammed by someone through a student accommodation Facebook page. I was pleased when Belinda was able to reassure me that her business was legitimate by putting in me in touch with one of my future house mates.
Belinda has been extremely friendly and helpful with responding to all of my queries and concerns. She even picked me and my heavy suitcase up from the central station before giving me a tour of the house.
I have no hesitation in recommending Belinda's services to other international students who are looking for secure and alternative housing to the accommodation services where you're expected to share a bathroom with twelve other people.
After two months here in Utrecht, I can say I'm very comfortable in this house and lucky enough to have three house mates that I get along with extremely well.

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