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Finding a nice room in Utrecht while you're not in Holland is hard. Landlords are not always trustworthy and advertisements display suggestive information. Some rooms don't even exist. Besides losing your downpayment, you don't have a room when you arrive. 


Student Rooms Utrecht is here to help. We are a small, personal but professional agency with lots of contacts and years of experience renting out rooms for international students. We know or find the best available rooms in town, just as a room or completely furnished. Just let us know what you're looking for and we start right away. 


What we do for you for finding an accommodation and during your stay



  • Viewings for the accommodations can be done in person or through videocall at the location.

  • After the hands up of both parties ( client and landlord)  we Arrange the contract for you.


  • Make sure this will be signed by both parties

  • We visit the room after it gets vacant to see if everything is there and all is clean

  • Send you info about the house, its location and where you can find everything in the neighborhood like dentist, family doctor etc.

  • Send you as much intro’s we can get, of the current tenants so you already know something about each other

  • Pick you up at the train station in Utrecht and bring you to the house (if you arrive at a convenient time or are not in Utrecht yet) otherwise we will meet you at the house.

  • We can also arrange a taxi for you from the airport or any other address if necessary

  • Check you in

  • Show you around the house and explain everything you need to know

  • Provide you with the necessary papers for you to sign, like contract, house rules, general agreements and check in papers

  • Hand you the key(s)

  • Answer all your questions

  • We are your contact while you are staying at the house through email only

  • We are your contact for emergencies through what’s app as well.

  • We always think in opportunities and solutions instead of problems. So communication is key!

  • For opening locks € 25,- will be charged during office hours.

  • During evenings and/or weekends the charges will be € 50,-.

  • The invoice needs to be paid separately by an send invoice.



When you leave


  • We set up an checkout appointment with you

  • Check you out

  • We are able to arrange a cleaning lady to clean the room for you against extra costs

  • Provide you with the necessary papers for you to sign, like check out papers

  • Collect the key for you

  • Ask for your deposit back ( minus costs if these are made, because of damages, missing items, etc.)

  • Bring you to the station if the time is convenient

  • If there are any bills coming in after you have left, we ask you what to do with it and if necessary, take action for you.

  • Are your contact for any questions you might have about rental issues


Extra possibilities:



  • In case if the you wish to leave before the end of the contract, we can find a replacement for you to take over the contract.

  • Finding such a replacement is € 250,-.



Again, We always think in opportunities and solutions instead of problems. So communication is key!


If you are interested, send us an email at and we'll get back to you the same day or as soon as possible.


Check out page "Kamers/rooms" for our available rooms.




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