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Great room à 13m2 and €495 all inc
Check for availability by send us an email!
Nice spacious room with big windows.

Nice spacious room with big windows.

Located at the backside of the house overlooking a field.

Room seen from the door opening.

Room seen from the door opening.

With the field seen through the windows.

Nice an spacious

Nice an spacious

And fully furnished. We also provide bedlinen so no need to bring this along.

The room is renewed september 2013.

The room is renewed september 2013.

So basically everything is new.

Halway with diner table

Halway with diner table

Nice to share your meals with each other.



Which is small with a whower and sink but it is a great shower and its nice and clean.

Fully equipped kitchen.

Fully equipped kitchen.

Everything is here, all the pots and pans, knives and forks etc.

Washing machine and dryer

Washing machine and dryer

These are rented so if the break down, the problem will be solved asap.

I can offer you a room per February 1st 2016.

This landlord handles a check out fee à €50.

The house started October 2012 and has a total of 4 rooms. Currently there are 4 guys living in the house, one from Ireland, one from Austria, one from the UK and one from Italy.

The room is about 13m2 and is €495 all incl. The room is located at the front of the house and looks out on a quiet street. You only have to bring your suitcase, toothbrush and you other personal belongings and start living!

There is a washing machine and dryer, microwave and oven in the kitchen. The cleaning will be done every two weeks, including the floors in all the rooms (if you want to). There is a shed downstairs in the building so your bike can be placed behind lock and key.

The bus stop as well as the tram stop is at 350m, station is at 7 minutes.
By bike it is 10 minutes. Big shopping mall at 450m!

In the area there are a lot of students as well as families. At the end of the street there is a big park where all kind of activities take place.
So I can honestly say, it is a nice house and location!


We will do the following things for you:


  • Make sure you will get the room

  • Make up the contract for you

  • Make sure this will be signed by the landlord

  • Send you info about the house, its location and where you can find everything (doctor ect)

  • Pick you up at the train station and bring you to the house (if you are not in Utrecht yet and if you arrive at a convenient time)

  • Check you in

  • Show you around the house and explain everything you need to know

  • Provide you with the necessary papers for you to sign, like check in papers

  • Hand you the key

  • Answer all you questions

  • I am your contact while you are staying at the house (also in case of any emergency)


When you leave;


  • Check you out

  • Provide you with the necessary papers for you to sign, like check out papers

  • Collect the key

  • make sure you get deactivated at the city hall (if wanted)

  • Make sure you'll get your deposit back

  • Bring you to the station, if the time is convenient


If you are interested send me an email at with info of who you are, home country and duration of stay (minimum 6 months), age, ect.


When you decide to take the room, the costs will be € 450 no matter the price of the room.





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